Welcome to Dragon Press Bindery

A book which stimulates your thoughts - provides you with adventure and joy. Your special book may take you back to golden days, or to a future yet to be.

At Dragon Press Binder, we recognise that each book has its own character and your book will be bound to express its unique personality. For less expense than you may think, your book can be finely crafted to become a piece of visual art which you will enjoy to touch and use.

When you commission a book to be bound for you, you become involved from the beginning. Although you will rely on our skills and experience to produce the result you want; we in our turn will take a sense of direction from you and use your needs and limitations to stimulate our imagination.

Commissioning is a very personal and pleasurable business, and in the end you will enjoy owning a book which is suited to your tastes and needs.

At DragonPress Bindery we view the first meeting, whether face to face or by telephone or letter, as a sales meeting and so no charge is made. The design of the book, the materials and cost can be discussed. If however, the idea is complicated we can present designs to show how we propose to tackle the project.

Preparing designs can involve expending a considerable amount of time and so a reasonable charge is made for this work, when the design is complete. It is important you understand what we are proposing to do, and that you like the idea; if you are in any doubt, we can discuss your uncertainties until you are entirely happy about the solution. If for some reason there are difficulties which cannot be resolved, you can withdraw at this point. When you decide to go ahead an initial deposit will be charged, the work will proceed. On completion the balance of the agreed fee will be paid.

The word 'patron' has a rather grandiose air, but that in fact is what you become when you commission a book to be individually bound for you. The finished book will be the product of the co-operation between you and Dragon Press Bindery. It may well be a financial investment in the long term: it is certainly an investment as far as your own continuing pleasure is concerned.